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Tynrhos Camping and Fishing: Fishing Rules

  1. Fishing with rods and poles only – no hand lines and no fly fishing

  2. Coarse pellet only

  3. No floating or surface baits; no bread, no dog biscuits

  4. No meat of any kind including cat/dog food and no luncheon meat

  5. No nuts or tiger nuts

  6. No ground baits

  7. No braid allowed

  8. 2 rods maximum

  9. No fishing from the banks, use the designated platforms

  10. Unused bait must not be thrown into the lake or left on the banks – remove all unused bait and litter

  11. No fishing more than halfway across the lake

  12. Do not feed the wildlife                                                                                                                                                                            

General rules

  1. No alcohol, fires or barbeques unless in an area agreed with the management

  2. No swimming or wading

  3. Fishing from platforms only

  4. No keep nets or sacks

  5. All fish are to be returned to the water immediately

  6. All anglers must have a good sized micro mesh landing net

  7. No fixed leads or feeders – must be free running

  8. No reserving of pegs for other anglers

  9. Well behaved dogs only by the lake and they must be kept on a short lead at all times and not allowed in the water or near any fish

  10. Barbless hooks only and no hooks bigger than a size 10

  11. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times

  12. Litter to be placed in bins or taken home

  13. Please use the toilet block provided

  14. Please respect other anglers

  15. No large groups of spectators

  16. Cars parked in the top car-park only at owner’s risk. Please secure your valuables as Tyrnhos Camping and Fishing ltd take no responsibility for any injury to persons or property while visiting or fishing at the site

  17. Any anglers or visitors found in breach of these rules will be asked to leave without a refund.

Tynrhos Camping and Fishing Ltd.

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